Thursday, July 16, 2009

Family Night with a Twist

Today I was reading Beneath the Surface, another mommy blog, and was totally inspired. She created a "theme" family night. It was too cute! I don't know about all you other mommies out there, but our family tries to set aside a day for special family activities. However, we don't intentionally plan it. The last one that we intentionally planned was in May. We spent over an hour coloring a 4' x 5' sheet of white paper. My Lil'Man loves to color.

Hopefully, now that I am not so focused on grading and planning school lessons, I will have the opportunity to plan more intentional family nights or days and just maybe I can pull something off like this.


  1. Visiting here. :) I came from Mommy Blogger Directory. Doing some blog hoppin'. I'm also looking for some link or button exchanges as well, care for one?

    Maricel --- Momhood Moments

  2. I love this idea...natalee


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